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Love Notes to Intersectional AI[edit]

Many, many people believe better AI futures are possible and your inspiration for IAI can draw on a wide range of practitioners already in action!

We're creating an ever-growing master list of projects, tools, resources to learn from. We'd also like to highlight and discuss a few in detail here...

Creative Code Collective Resource Hub is an interactive, sortable, more comprehensive version of this effort. Please add any and all items listed here to the CCC hub via this sheet and the zine will highlight and describe a select few as space allows.


  • Add'l Berlin spaces—would love to know more!
  • other international examples—would love to know more from outside US & EU!

Intersectional Tools & Resources[edit]


Learning AI: Tutorials[edit]


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Computer Vision[edit]

Conversational Agents[edit]

Zines, Principles, Readings, and...[edit]




Local: Berlin[edit]

Beloved Readings[edit]

  • Nakamura, Lisa. 2014. "Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women and the Racialization of Early Electronic Life." The American Studies Association.

    "Indian-identified traits and practices such as painstaking attention to craft and an affinity for metalwork and textiles were deployed to position the Navajo on the cutting edge of a technological moment precisely because of their possession of a racialized set of creative cultural skills in traditional, premodern artisanal handwork." (Nakamura 2014, 925)

  • Feminist Killjoy Survival Kit, by Sara Ahmed
  • Emergent Strategies, by adrienne maree brown

Not quite AI but in the spirit of Intersectional Tech[edit]

Web/Code Tools[edit]

Many of these were used to make this here zine collection

Misc tech & publishing FYIs[edit]

Historical zines of interest & related reading[edit]

Intersectional Organizations & Resources[edit]